Thursday, November 10, 2011


hello there and welcome to Saudi Runaway girls
since i'm Saudi girl who is thinking seriously  to work and move abroad i tried to search for Saudi girls who have similar goal as i have
but it was really difficult to find any website,blog or forum regarding this subject although i manage to find few Saudi girls who did want to leave Saudi for good
i have decide to make a blog for all Saudi girls who are thinking seriously to move out and immigrant to another country,hoping this blog will be the gather point for these girls
many of these girls have their own good reasons to do so and i hope this blog will highlight these reasons and also to talk about the difficulties these girls will face during their process of achieving their goal
i know that Saudi girls are intelligent and smart and i know we can do it someday  :)


  1. hi
    it been a long time since you post this thread
    but i hope you can see my comment & maybe we can contact
    i am a girl who had enough of saudi life & i want to runaway

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