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Australian Skilled Occupations List

You can only apply for an Australian work visa if you have qualifications and experience in an occupation listed as being in need of workers. 

Australian Skilled Occupations List

One of the basic requirements of Skilled Migration is that you nominate an occupation which matches either your work experience and/or qualifications from a list of occupations determined by the Australian government.
This list is called the Skilled Occupations List (SOL). Although extensive, it does not include every possible occupation, only those which are currently sought-after in Australia.
To verify you have chosen the correct occupation, you should refer to the short job description alongside each listing.
Each occupation, depending on its rating, attracts a certain number of points (40, 50 or 60 points). Assuming your skills are assessed as suitable for your nominated occupation, these points will be used in calculating your total Points Test Score.

Accounting & Finance
Accountant (General)60
Accountant (Management)60
Accountant (Taxation)60
Accountant - Corporate Treasurer60
Auditor (External)60
Auditor (Internal)50
Branch Accountant (Financial Institution)40
Commodities Trader40
Company Secretary (Corporate Compliance, Board/Shareholder Meetings)50
Engineer - Structural Engineer60
Engineer - Transport Engineer60
Finance Manager60
Financial Dealers and Brokers (not elsewhere classified)40
Financial Institution Branch Manager40
Financial Investment Adviser40
Financial Market Dealer40
Futures Trader40
Insurance Broker40
Medical Practitioner - Neurologist60
Stockbroking Dealer40
Electorate Officer50
Office Manager40
Project or Program Administrator40
Agricultural Consultant50
Agricultural Scientist50
Environmental Research Scientist50
Master Fisher40
Park Ranger50
Soil Scientist50
Air & Sea Transport
Naval Architect60
Seafarer - Ship''s Engineer40
Seafarer - Ship''s Master40
Seafarer - Ship''s Officer40
Seafarer - Ship's Surveyor0
Architectural Associate40
Landscape Architect50
Art & Design
Fashion Designer50
Graphic Designer50
Industrial Designer50
Interior Decorator40
Interior Designer50
Arts & Entertainment
Museum/Art Gallery Technician40
Museum/Gallery Curator50
Building & Construction
Boat builder & Repairer60
Bricklayers - Supervisor60
Building Associate40
Building Associate Professionals (Not Elsewhere Classified)40
Building Inspector40
Construction Project Manager50
Project Builder50
Consulting & Business Analysis
Management Consultant50
Organisation & Methods Analyst50
Policy Analyst50
Quality Assurance Manager50
Education & Teaching
Art Teacher (Private)50
Dance Teacher (Private)50
Drama Teacher (Private)50
Education Managers (not elsewhere classified)50
Music Teacher (Private)50
Regional Education Manager50
Teacher - Education Officer50
Teacher - Pre-Primary School Teacher60
Teacher - Primary School Teacher60
Teacher - Secondary School Teacher60
Teacher - Vocational Education Teacher (Non-trades)50
Teacher - Vocational Education Teacher (Trades)60
Teacher of the Hearing Impaired60
Teacher of the Sight Impaired50
Teachers (nec) - Special Education50
Engineering & Mining
Biomedical Engineering Associate40
Civil Engineering Associate40
Civil Engineering Draftsperson40
Civil Engineering Technician60
Civil Engineering Technician40
Electrical Engineer Technician40
Electrical Engineering Associate40
Electronic Engineering Associate40
Electronic Engineering Technician40
Engineer - Aeronautical Engineer60
Engineer - Agricultural Engineer60
Engineer - Biomedical Engineer60
Engineer - Building & Engineering Professionals (Not Elsewhere Classified)60
Engineer - Chemical Engineer60
Engineer - Civil Engineer60
Engineer - Civil Engineering Technologist60
Engineer - Electrical Engineer60
Engineer - Electrical or Electronics Engineering Technologist60
Engineer - Electronics Engineer60
Engineer - Engineering Technologists (not elsewhere classified)60
Engineer - Environmental Engineer60
Engineer - Geotechnical Engineer60
Engineer - Industrial Engineer60
Engineer - Materials Engineer60
Engineer - Mechanical Engineer60
Engineer - Mechanical Engineering Technologist60
Engineer - Mining Engineer (excluding petroleum)60
Engineer - Naval Architect60
Engineer - Petroleum Engineer60
Engineer - Production or Plant Engineer60
Engineering Associate Professionals (Not Elsewhere Classified)40
Engineering Manager60
Extractive Metallurgist50
Mechanical Engineering Associate40
Mechanical Engineering Technician40
Mine Deputy40
Production Manager (Mining)50
Telecommunications Field Engineer60
Environment, Parks and Land Care Manager50
Environmental Health Officer50
Health & Medical Services
Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Health Worker40
Ambulance Officer40
Clinical Psychologist60
Dental Hygienist40
Dental Prosthetist60
Dental Specialist60
Dental Technician60
Dental Therapist40
Director of Nursing60
Disabilities Services Officer40
Educational Psychologist60
Emergency Medicine Specialist60
Health Information Manager50
Intensive Care Ambulance Paramedic40
Massage Therapist40
Medical Administrator50
Medical Practitioner - Anaesthetist60
Medical Practitioner - Cardiologist60
Medical Practitioner - Cardiothoracic Surgeon60
Medical Practitioner - Clinical Haematologist60
Medical Practitioner - Endocrinologist60
Medical Practitioner - Gastroenterologist60
Medical Practitioner - General60
Medical Practitioner - Intensive Care Specialist60
Medical Practitioner - Medical Oncologist60
Medical Practitioner - Neurosurgeon60
Medical Practitioner - Orthopaedic Surgeon60
Medical Practitioner - Otorhinolaryngologist60
Medical Practitioner - Paediatric Surgeon60
Medical Practitioner - Paediatrician60
Medical Practitioner - Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon60
Medical Practitioner - Psychiatrist60
Medical Practitioner - Renal Medicine Specialist60
Medical Practitioner - Rheumatologist60
Medical Practitioner - Specialist Medical Practitioners (not elsewhere classified)60
Medical Practitioner - Specialist Physician60
Medical Practitioner - Surgeon (General)60
Medical Practitioner - Thoracic Medicine Specialist60
Medical Practitioner - Urologist60
Medical Practitioner - Vascular Surgeon60
Medical Practitioner nec60
Medical Practitioners - Internal Medicine Specialist (nec)60
Medical Radiation Therapist60
Nuclear Medicine Technologist60
Obstetrician and Gynaecologist60
Occupational Health & Safety Officer50
Occupational Therapist60
Organisational Psychologist60
Paediatric Surgeon60
Pharmacist - Hospital Pharmacist60
Pharmacist - Retail Pharmacist60
Primary Health Organisation Manager50
Psychologists nec60
Radiographer - Medical Diagnostic Radiographer60
Radiographer - Radiation Therapist60
Radiographer - Sonographer60
Registered Nurse (Aged Care)60
Registered Nurse (Child and Family Health)60
Registered Nurse (Community Health)60
Registered Nurse (Critical Care and Emergency)60
Registered Nurse (Developmental Disability)60
Registered Nurse (Disability and Rehabilitation)60
Registered Nurse (Medical Practice)60
Registered Nurse (Medical)60
Registered Nurse (Mental Health)60
Registered Nurse (Perioperative)60
Registered Nurse (Surgical)60
Registered Nurse - Nurse Practitioner60
Registered Nurse nec60
Speech Pathologist60
Hospitality & Tourism
Hotel/Motel Manager (Degree Level)50
Hotel/Motel Manager (Diploma Level)40
Human Resources/Personnel
Careers Counsellor50
Human Resource Manager (min. 5 years senior management experience)60
Industrial Relations Officer50
Personnel Consultant50
Personnel Officer50
Training Officer50
Information Services
Business & Information Professionals (Not Elsewhere Classified)50
Library Technician40
Records Manager50
Information Technology/Computing
Computing Professional - Analyst Programmer60
Computing Professional - ICT Business Analyst60
Computing Professional - Software Engineer60
Computing Professional - Systems Analyst60
Computing Professionals (not elsewhere classified)60
Computing Professionals (specialising in .NET technologies)60
Computing Professionals (specialising in C++/C#/C)60
Computing Professionals (specialising in CISSP)60
Computing Professionals (specialising in Data Warehousing)60
Computing Professionals (specialising in GIS)60
Computing Professionals (specialising in HP UX)60
Computing Professionals (specialising in J2EE)60
Computing Professionals (specialising in JAVA)60
Computing Professionals (specialising in Linux)60
Computing Professionals (specialising in Network Security/Firewall/Internet Security)60
Computing Professionals (specialising in Oracle)60
Computing Professionals (specialising in PeopleSoft)60
Computing Professionals (specialising in PK1)60
Computing Professionals (specialising in SAP)60
Computing Professionals (specialising in SIEBEL - especially Siebel Analytic)60
Computing Professionals (specialising in Solaris)60
Computing Professionals (specialising in Sybase SQL Server)60
Computing Professionals (specialising in Unix)60
Computing Professionals - Computer Systems Auditor60
Computing Professionals - Systems Designer60
Computing Professionals - Systems Manager60
Computing Professionals - Systems Programmer60
Computing Support Technician40
Developer Programmer60
Information Technology Manager60
Telecommunications Network Engineer60
Legal & Compliance
Intelligence Officer50
Legal Practitioner - Barrister60
Legal Practitioner - Solicitor60
Patents Examiner50
Safety Inspector40
General Manager (min. 5 years senior management experience)60
Policy And Planning Manager50
Urban and Regional Planner50
Oenologist (Wine Maker)50
Primary Products Inspector40
Production Manager (Manufacturing)50
Supply and Distribution Manager (min. 5 years senior management experience)60
Journalists & Related Professionals (Not Elsewhere Classified)50
Print Journalist50
Radio Journalist50
Technical Writer50
Television Journalist50
Property & Real Estate
Property Manager40
Real Estate Agency Manager40
Real Estate Salesperson40
Advertising Specialist50
Market Research Analyst50
Marketing Specialist50
Public Relations Officer50
Sales And Marketing Manager (min. 5 years senior management experience)60
Sales Representative (Industrial Products)50
Sales Representative (Information and Communication Products)50
Sales Representative (Medical and Pharmaceutical Products)50
Technical Sales Representative (Not Elsewhere Classified)50
Science & Research
Chemistry Technical Officer40
Industrial Pharmacist50
Laboratory Manager50
Life Scientist (Not Elsewhere Classified)50
Marine Biologist50
Materials Scientist50
Medical Laboratory Scientist60
Medical Laboratory Technical Officer40
Metallurgical and Materials Technician40
Natural & Physical Science Professionals (Not Elsewhere Classified)50
Physical Metallurgist50
Radiographer - Nuclear Medicine Technologist60
Research and Development Manager50
Social Professionals (Not Elsewhere Classified)50
Social & Community Services
Child Care Centre Manager60
Child Care Co-ordinator60
Community Worker50
Counsellors (not elsewhere classified)50
Drug and Alcohol Counsellor50
Family Counsellor50
Family Support Worker40
Parole or Probation Officer40
Rehabilitation Counsellor50
Residential Care Officer40
Social Worker60
Welfare Centre Manager50
Welfare Worker60
Youth Worker40
Sports & Recreation
Recreation Officer50
Sports Administrator50
Surveying & Valuing
Building Surveyor50
Land Economist50
Quantity Surveyor60
Surveying & Cartographic Associate40
Trades - Aircraft Maintenance
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Avionics)60
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Mechanical)60
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Structures)60
Aircraft Maintenance Engineers - Supervisor60
Trades - Automotive
Automotive Electrician60
Diesel Fuel Injection Technicians60
Mechanic - Motorcycle60
Mechanic - Small Engine60
Motor Mechanic60
Motor Mechanic - Diesel60
Motor Mechanics - Supervisor60
Panel Beater60
Panel Beaters - Supervisor60
Vehicle Body Maker60
Vehicle Body Makers - Supervisor60
Vehicle Painter60
Vehicle Painters - Supervisor60
Vehicle Trimmer60
Vehicle Trimmers - Supervisor60
Trades - Electrical/Electronics/Communications
Automotive Electricians - Supervisor60
Broadcast Transmitter Operator60
Communications Linesperson60
Communications Tradespersons - Supervisor60
Electrical Distribution Tradespersons - Supervisor60
Electrical Linesworker60
Electrician (General)60
Electrician (Special Class)60
Electricians - Supervisor60
Electronic & Office Equipment Tradespersons - Supervisor60
Electronic Equipment Trades Worker60
Electronic Instrument Trades Worker (General)60
Electronic Instrument Trades Worker (Special Class)60
Electronic Instrument Tradespersons - Supervisor60
General Communications Tradesperson60
Radiocommunications Technician40
Technical Cable Jointer60
Telecommunications Network Planner60
Telecommunications Technical Officer or Technologist60
Trades - Food & Beverage
Bakers and Pastry Cooks - Supervisor60
Chef - Head Chef60
Meat Tradespersons - Butcher60
Meat Tradespersons - Supervisor60
Pastry Cook60
Smallgoods Maker60
Trades - Gardening/Horticulture
General Gardener60
Head Gardener60
Landscape Gardener60
Nursery Person60
Tree Surgeon60
Trades - General Mechanical & Fabrication
Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Mechanic60
Business Machine Mechanic60
General Fabrication Engineering Tradesperson60
General Fabrication Engineering Tradespersons - Supervisor60
General Mechanical Engineering Tradesperson60
General Mechanical Engineering Tradespersons - Supervisor60
Lift (Elevator) Mechanic60
Metal Fabricator (Boilermaker)60
Optical Mechanic60
Pressure Welder60
Refrigeration & Air-conditioning Mechanics - Supervisor60
Structural Steel & Welding Tradespersons - Supervisor60
Welder (First Class).60
Trades - Hairdressing
Hairdressers - Supervisor60
Trades - Metal & Machinists
Electroplater (First Class)60
Forging Tradespersons - Supervisor60
Metal Casting Tradesperson60
Metal Casting Tradespersons - Supervisor60
Metal Finishing Tradespersons - Supervisor60
Metal Fitters & Machinists - Fitter60
Metal Fitters & Machinists - Supervisor60
Metal Fitters & Machinists - Textile, Clothing or Footwear Mechanic60
Metal Machinist (First Class)60
Metal Polisher60
Precision Instrument Maker & Repairer60
Precision Metal Tradesperson - Watch and Clock Maker and Repairer60
Precision Metal Tradespersons - Supervisor60
Saw Maker and Repairer60
Sheetmetal Trades Worker60
Sheetmetal Tradespersons - Supervisor60
Trades - Other Trades & Services
Flat Glass Tradesperson60
Floor Finisher60
Floor Finisher - Supervisor60
Gem Cutter & Polisher60
Glass Blower60
Painters & Decorators - Supervisor60
Painting Trades Worker60
Piano Tuner60
Picture Framer60
Sign writer60
Sign writers - Supervisor60
Toolmakers - Supervisor60
Tradespersons & Related Workers (Not Elsewhere Classified)60
Trades - Plumbing
Airconditioning and Mechanical Services Plumber60
Gas Fitter60
Plumber (General)60
Plumbers - Supervisor60
Plumbing Engineering Associate40
Plumbing Inspector40
Roof Plumber60
Trades - Textile & Clothing
Canvas Goods Maker60
Clothing - Apparel Cutter60
Clothing - Dressmaker60
Clothing - General Clothing Tradesperson60
Clothing - Patternmaker-Grader (Clothing)60
Clothing - Tailor60
Furniture - Upholsterer60
Leather Goods Maker60
Medical Grade Shoemaker60
Sail Maker60
Upholsterers & Bedding Tradespersons (Not Elsewhere Classified)60
Trades - Tilers & Plasterers
Fibrous Plasterer60
Fibrous Plasterers - Supervisor60
Roof Slater and Tiler60
Roof Slater and Tilers - Supervisor60
Solid Plasterer60
Solid Plasterers - Supervisor60
Wall and Floor Tiler60
Wall and Floor Tilers & Stonemasons - Supervisor60
Trades - Wood & Carpentry
Cabinet Maker60
Cabinet Makers - Supervisor60
Carpenter & Joiner60
Carpentry & Joinery Tradespersons - Supervisor60
Furniture Finisher60
Wood Tradespersons (not elsewhere classified)60
Wood Turner60
Trades - Printing
Binder & Finisher60
Graphic Pre-Press Tradesperson60
Printing Machinist60
Screen Printer60
Small Offset Printer60

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